Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mo Sketches

This one's still at the WAP, it was a rejecto!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Caricature, Charactor, Caricacatures!!!

Self Caricature.
Can you guess which stand I'm at?

This family of four from Vegas was really cool,
I think the body of King Coopa stumped me though.

I forgot to put the shine on.

The Princess of Candyland.

These guys were creepy.
They agreed to have me drawing her getting put under (sedation).

"Can you please write our names at the bottom?"
"Well my handwriting's not that good."
"Yea, go ahead and write our names!"


I love the long noodle arm

Here's some Legoland Portraits

Besides giving this guy a peanut shaped head, I really liked this one,
the wife didn't though!

This was the first sketch I did when we moved the stand,
and it was rejected.



Who's this little girl riding?

Is that? No it can't be.

Yep, that's definitely Shamu!

Oh, and there he is again!

The funny thing was, I did all these happy Shamu riding customers in one day. I just wasn't feeling creative with the bodies

That left hand of his is bothering me

I love the pose I gave this guy, he reminded me of Borat