Friday, April 16, 2010

Final Semester's Ports And Carics

OK, I haven't uploaded a whole lot this year, I'm getting sloppy! But here's some celebs that I did at San Antonio College for my Illustration Techniques class. I had fun doing these as they are all done on colored paper, I've never illustrated on color paper before so it was interesting. The paper had a different tooth so it took some getting used to and I was surprised at how vibrant the colors came out.

New/Old Animations from San Antonio College

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Portraits From Pictures/ Helping With Training/ Last Year Caricatures

I did all these portraits from pictures while working at the Rodeo with Rita Kirkman this year. Just trying different styles and techniques with the coloring. The Caricatures are from helping with the Kaman's traning and some end of the year works that I was too lazy to post! Well Sea World opens this Saturday and will be open on weekends and Spring Break so I'm excited for the year to come!!!

This is one scary baby

Cute kid

I drew this one while helping during training for this year. I like the how the body turned out after I messed up and made the neck too big. Honest mistake.


Cripple Con 2

Ok, so here's the work from two months ago at Cripple Con 2. I wasn't able to get pics of all my stuff individually or the pics of the actual people but I managed to scrap them all from pictures that my friends took, so sue me! Next year I'll take pics after I do the work, before they run away!


Yeah, I know Cripple Con was about two months ago but hey, I'm even posting stuff from way back to CCN 1. So here it is, a little late, but better than never. Stuff form one year and two months ago, Cripple Con 1!

So here's the front view scene from The Elms, first time I ever saw snow!

And the first time I peed my name in it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here are some park sketches from the last two or three weeks from working at Sea World in San Antonio (only weekends now). And also, I'm still working on that big foot. I just placed my face on it and can't wait to take pictures of him. I'll be posting pictures up of Biggy as soon as I take them.

These guys were cool.

I really like this one

The girl's body looks awkward because I drew her head too low!
It looks funny and also fits the mood,
the wabbly legs because I'm getting proposed to mood

This lady was dating Denise the Menace,
A cool guy though!

I wish I could have redone this one, they had such good faces,
I should have at least drawn his right eyebrow bigger, and
also, I made her eyes too big. I'll try to take pics of the people
from now on, I always feel awkward taking their pic though.

Put em up, put em up!

My hand writing has horrible line quality!

I call this one "Innocent"

I drew the boy first and kind of held back,
I didn't realize the dad had such a good face.

This kid literally held this expression the entire time

And lastly, a portrait!
Could it be the last though?

It just might be...