Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here are some park sketches from the last two or three weeks from working at Sea World in San Antonio (only weekends now). And also, I'm still working on that big foot. I just placed my face on it and can't wait to take pictures of him. I'll be posting pictures up of Biggy as soon as I take them.

These guys were cool.

I really like this one

The girl's body looks awkward because I drew her head too low!
It looks funny and also fits the mood,
the wabbly legs because I'm getting proposed to mood

This lady was dating Denise the Menace,
A cool guy though!

I wish I could have redone this one, they had such good faces,
I should have at least drawn his right eyebrow bigger, and
also, I made her eyes too big. I'll try to take pics of the people
from now on, I always feel awkward taking their pic though.

Put em up, put em up!

My hand writing has horrible line quality!

I call this one "Innocent"

I drew the boy first and kind of held back,
I didn't realize the dad had such a good face.

This kid literally held this expression the entire time

And lastly, a portrait!
Could it be the last though?

It just might be...

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jeff said...

hey pat, i think since your caricatures are getting better it's time you starting using more colors in the face.