Monday, September 29, 2008


While in California I went to a figure drawing place down the road, on E Cajon, with friends from the San Deigo Zoo and Sea World. We'd go to sketch and exaggerate just about a different model every week, although I didn't really exaggerate at all, I just drew what was in front of me. We could use any medium that we wanted, I used a ballpoint pen, blue or black, but blue was my favorite. Afterwards we'd usually go to the Chicken Pie Shop or a Thai restaurant which eventually lead to Best Buy for a little Rock Band play. What you see below is my figure drawing progress from the very first one to my last.

This one turned out funny, I started off making the head big, thinking the body would follow, then this happened. It turned out looking like a potricature.

A little Bigfoot action.

This game brought to you by Aaron Philby, oh and I still owe ya four dallors!

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