Monday, October 6, 2008


Currently I'm attending San Antonio College and am going for an associates in Sequential Arts/ Animation. Right now we're building a bigfoot in my 3-D Modling and Rendering class and here's what I've been up to so far in this semester. The first pics are a bit rough but you can see the process as I built up the figure; I went through about twenty different models. As of now, we are up to putting bones in our figures allowing me to put Big in a variety of poses. After getting used to the Lightwave programs posing Big reminds me of posing my toys as a kid, it's one big sophisticated toy poser. Big doesn't have a face yet, that'll be the next project. I'm thinking about putting my face in that blank space.


KEV said...

whoa thats fuckin tight

chris singleton said...

hey Patrick props on the big foot deal u got going on these are really fucking cool i like the ones where hes laying down they remind me of the goofy movie.